A craft distillery in Newark's Ironbound.
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Open to the public for tours, tastings, cocktails and bottle sales:
Fridays: 5 pm to 9 pm.
Saturdays: 5 pm to 9 pm.
Walk-ins welcome!
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All Points

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With 35,000 Acres of protected watershed in the Appalachian foothills, Newark New Jersey had by 1920, 26 operational breweries.  These breweries, supplied with amazing water and driven by the passion (and thirst) of multiple generations of British, Scottish, Irish, and German immigrants made the most popular beers in the US.  Today none of these breweries remain.  Inspired by these lost enterprises All Points West Distillery, in Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood brings back alcohol beverage production to Newark.  Using the colloquial name of the old Jersey Central Railroad that connected the Atlantic Ocean ports of New Jersey to the rest of the continent, All Points West Distillery offers a distinct Trans-Atlantic take on the three main cereal grain sprits, Gin, Vodka, and Whiskey.  

  • Tasting Room Entrance: 73 Tichenor Street - PARK ON TICHENOR STR.
  • Loading Dock: 424 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJ 07114
  • Opening Hours: Opening hours: Fridays 4pm to 8pm + Saturdays 2pm to 8pm. Walk-ins welcome!
  • Phone: (646) 251-3176
  • E-mail:

Our small batch hand crafted spirits:

"A couple of artisanal spirits now produced at the new All Points West Distillery in the Ironbound section of Newark are worth adding to the bar." Florence Fabricant/The New York Times 

Bone Black Vodka

Filtered through bone char - 104 proof.
A bold and strong vodka made from 100% wheat.
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Cathouse Gin

Naturally macerated botanical Gin made with 13 botanicals.
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Available now in these Stores, Bars and Restaurants:

Please find our spirits at the distillery or here:

In Stores:

Lisbon Wine & Liquors (114 Ferry Street near Penn Station)

Penn Wine & Spirits (in Penn Station NYC)

Sussex Wines & Spirits (300 E 42nd Street) (they also ship in NY state and deliver in Manhattan).

»»» Jersey City:
CoolVines Jersey City (near Grove Street PATH station)

Cork Wine & Spirits 1450 Washington Street


Cork Wine & Spirits  399 Somerset Str.


To NY: Sussex Wines & Spirits
Ships. Also: free same day delivery within a half mile of the store (between 33rd and 53rd streets), on the East Side of Manhattan. Please ask about deliveries elsewhere in the city, we try to accommodate your request whenever possible.

To NJ: Lisbon Wine & Liquors (Newark, NJ) ships if you call them at: (973) 344-0139

Minibar delivers our spirits in downtown Newark, in Newark's Ironbound and in Jersey City.
All Points West Distillery is located just off Mc Carther Highway [Route 21]beyond the elevated train tracks (Ironbound side). At the corner of Mulberry Street (aka: NJ Railroad Ave) and Tichenor Streetound side). Park on Tichenor Street. Enter the tasting room at 73 Tichenor Street.

All Points West Distillery in the media:

Nov 9th, 2017
Brick City Live
Matt Brian
Nov 27th, 2017
The New York Times
Florence Fabricant