ALL POINTS WEST Malt and Grain Pot Still Whiskey:

Available in the distillery and at select retailers.

Reviving an orphaned trans-Atlantic whiskey style

Reviving an orphaned trans-Atlantic whiskey style and returning alcohol production to a place with amazing water and a great history of alcoholic beverage production: ALL POINTS WEST MALT AND GRAIN POT STILL WHISKEY is unique as well as delicious.

A flavor deemed too American

Starting with the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846, American ‘Indian’ Corn crossed the Atlantic and was used as part of the un-malted grain bill in UK pot and patent still whiskeys. In 1908 a Royal Commission on the materials and process permitted in Irish and Scottish whiskey was convened.  This commission allowed corn to remain in the lighter flavored patent still whiskeys but despite over 50 years of production deemed malt and corn Pot Still Whiskey too American in flavor (and too dangerous: potentially threatening their future sales by opening up their customer's palette to the flavor of corn based whiskeys, one step away from bourbon), and the practice stopped.

All Points West Distillery revives this orphan trans-Atlantic whiskey style with ALL POINTS WEST MALT AND GRAIN POT STILL WHISKEY    

Protected Watersheds in the Appalachian Highlands

With 35,000 Acres of protected watershed in the Appalachian foothills, Newark New Jersey had by 1920, 26 operational breweries.  These breweries, supplied with amazing water and driven by the passion (and thirst) of multiple generations of Scottish, Irish, and German immigrants made the most popular beers in the US.  Today none of these breweries remain.

All Points West Distillery brings back alcohol production to Newark and taps again into the water from Newark's protected watersheds in the foothills of the Appalachian Highlands.

All Points West Malt and Grain Pot Still Whiskey is:

  • mashed, fermented, pot distilled, and aged under a single roof, a true craft spirit.

  • distilled from Irish malt, corn, German malt, and water from the protected Newark Watersheds in the Appalachian Highlands.

  • aged in virgin American white oak barrels.

  • a craft product distilled in small 150 gallon pot stills in a small urban neighborhood distillery.




  1. BATCH #1: Release: JUNE 2nd, 2018; Barrels: 15 Gallon Char #3, 6 Months; 5 Gallon Char #4, 6 Months. - Distilled without feints this is our light inaugural batch. SOLD OUT
  2. BATCH #2: Release: JULY 13th, 2018; Barrels: 15 Gallon Char #3, 6 Months; 5 Gallons from 10 Gallon, Char #3, 6 Months. - A warm malt character starting to come through in this slightly heavier second batch.
Made at All Points West Distillery in Newark, NJ
Made with care in small batches in Newark's Ironbound. Come visit for a tour and tasting: